Marc Espina Photography: Blog en-us (C) Marc Espina Photography [email protected] (Marc Espina Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:39:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:39:00 GMT Marc Espina Photography: Blog 96 120 Nathalia Quinceanera I had the honor of photographing the beautiful Nathalia for her Quinceanera. I had loads of fun at the event.

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Epic Yacht Party 2014

I attended this year's Epic Fighting Yacht party. It was a great time with tons of beautiful people. The weather was a bit gloomy, but that didn't stop the fun! You can check out the rest of the photos at the link below.

Epic Fighting Yacht Party Photos





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Morici Family Photoshoot I had a really fun-filled photo shoot with the Morici family at Ocean Beach in San Diego.


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Cinegraphs I'm doing a little experiment with Cinemagraphs. This technique is pretty cool. I will have to experiment more to see what I can come up with. here are a few examples from last week.


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Easter 2014 Photoshoot with my boys I spent some time with my family this Easter. We had them dress up really nice for Easter Mass. After Mass, we went to Coronado for a little photoshoot. Here are some shots to show off my handsome sons.


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Maternity Shoot with Aiko and Charlz I had a wonderful time working with Charlz and Aiko. We shot this at Windandsea beach in La Jolla. The full gallery may be viewed at




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Wedding with Antoine and Marjorie Hickman It was a beautiful day for a wedding! The sun was shining brightly, the birds were chirping, and the bees were buzzing. I shot this beautiful wedding with Marjorie and her husband, Antoine. This wedding was shot at Los Willows in the beautiful city of Fallbrook, CA. I really love this venue because they have their own lake and our gorgeous bride made her secret entrance by boat on this very lake. I hope that you enjoy these shots!


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Photo shoot with Cynthia I had an impromptu photo shoot with the beautiful Cynthia yesterday. We had a lot of fun messing with different lighting techniques. Cynthia has some awesome tattoos and she reminds me of the Suicide Girls. Here are a couple of shots from the shoot:


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Shawn and Karina's Engagement Shoot

We had a great time in Temecula, CA shooting for Shawn and Karina's engagement session. Their wedding is scheduled for March 3, 2013, so Shawn and Karina wanted to do this shoot exactly 1 year before their wedding date. The weather was great and the wine was flowing. Here are a few shots from the shoot. Skip to Photo Gallery Here or Slideshow Here.


Let's get to know Shawn and Karina a little better:


Shawn is an IT Engineer at Qualcomm, and Karina is a Financial Systems Consultant with IBM, currently working on a Navy contract. They met playing in an 8-ball pool league, and had known each other for several years before a pool tournament in October 2010 in Las Vegas brought them closer together. However, it turned out not to be a case of "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", but rather "Sometimes what happens in Vegas, you bring home and marry". One of their earliest dates was the Winemakers Dinner at the San Diego Zoo; reflecting his love of wine and her love of animals. Karina volunteers twice a month with the Humane Society, and helped Shawn adopt his new cat, Kiddo. Shawn makes his own wine, and one of the ways he knew Karina was a keeper was when she joined him on a trip to a vineyard and helped him pick 120 pounds of grapes. In fact, the wine from those grapes is currently aging, and they plan to serve it at their wedding.


People who know them both have said from the beginning they've never seen either looking as happy as they do when they're together, so none of them were surprised when he proposed after a year of dating. The day before Thanksgiving, they went to a wine club at Ghirardelli Square, and were given their own table against a huge bay window looking out onto San Francisco Bay (and also, as he likes to point out, onto Alcatraz). When Karina decided to order the flight of sparkling wine, Shawn knew how he would ask her. After they had each taken a sip from their first glass of sparkling wine, he reached into his pocket, pulled out a box, opened it, and said "I have something to go with your sparkling wine". Karina looked at the sparkling ring, then up at him, then back at the ring, then at him... the smile on her face getting bigger and bigger with each second. Then she reached out for his hands and said yes.

Congratulations, Shawna and Karina! For more pictures from their engagement session, please view their slideshow here.

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